User Details

Access the User Details page by clicking on the View icon in the Action column in the users list.



The User Details subtab, located within the primary Users tab of a fuel ordering platform, provides more detailed information about a specific user. This subtab allows administrators or authorized users to view and manage specific details related to an individual user's account. 


  • User Info: The selected user’s name, phone number, and email address
  • Additional Info: The user’s role and what sites they have been assigned to. A Company Admin will be the only user role that can change, add, or remove an assigned site for a user.
  • Payment Method: If the selected user has been given access to a payment method to create orders on the Fuel Me portal, that payment method will be listed here. A Company Admin can add a new payment method for any user.
  • Reset Password: In the upper right corner of the User Details subtab is a password reset for the selected user.

    • If for whatever reason a user needs help with changing their password, a Location Admin or Company Admin can assist them. However, in order to use this feature, the user must know their original password. If the original password is not known, the user will need to select Forgot Password at the login screen.