Site Details

The Site Details subtab offers an overview of the key details of a site.

This page includes information such as the site name, contact person, and payment method for that site. The Site Details subtab serves as a reference point for customers to review and update site-specific information easily.


Site Contact

  • The Onsite Contact for a site can be set in this section of the Site Details subtab. It can be beneficial for an organization to have several listed Site Contacts in case a particular contact is not available during the time of a delivery. A list of all onsite contacts added for the selected site will be shown in the Site Contact section.


    • The primary site contact will be displayed in a green box. To change the primary site contact for a site, simply select the Set as Primary button in the desired contact box.
    • If a new Site Contact needs to be added, select the + Add Onsite Contact button.


Payment Method 

  • Every site listed in a Customer account is capable of having their own payment method.
  • All payment methods added for a particular site will be shown in the Payment Method dropdown.


    • The payment method selected in this section will be the default payment method shown when placing an order for fuel delivery.
      • However, at the time of check out, any of the listed payment methods can be selected.