Site Management

The Sites tab in the Fuel Me portal provides a comprehensive list of all delivery locations

  • The Sites overview list includes the following information for each site:
    • Site Name: The name or designation given to the site.
    • Address: The physical location of the site.
    • Contact Name and Phone Number: The name and phone number of the main point of contact for the site.
    • Number of Assets: The count of assets assigned to that particular site


In the overview list of sites, the sites displayed are specific to the user who is currently logged in. Each user will only see the sites that have been assigned to them.


Adding a New Site 

  • Within the tab, there is an option to add a new site. Clicking on the Add New Site button opens a pop-up window where users can input the following details for the new site:

    • Site Name: Enter a name or label for the new site.
    • Onsite Contact: Provide the name of the person who will be the primary contact at the site.
    • Contact Phone: Enter the phone number of the onsite contact.
    • Address: The address field is integrated with Google Maps, allowing for easier input of the site's address. As you start typing the address, auto-suggestions will appear. Once an address is selected from the suggestions, the map will adjust to show the selected site's location. This ensure accurate information and facilitates efficient site management within the Fuel Me portal.
    • Latitude and Longitude: Once an address is selected, the system will automatically update the latitude and longitude coordinates associated with the chosen address. Knowing the lat/long for a delivery site can be valuable for delivery drivers if the address is brand new.
  • Clicking into any Site in the list will open up to several subtabs to conveniently manage all relevant information related to that site. The subtabs within a site include:
    • Site Details
    • Address
    • Site Order History
    • Site Assets
    • Site Notes